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a snow gift.

February 6, 2014






He dropped a lovely blanket down on us and we ventured out to see what it was…

it was a gift…

it was snow angels  and “look momma!”

it was the snow suit all my babies have worn being zipped up to number 8’s little chin.

it’s all 8 children cheering their parents down a pasture hill… on a work day… on a school day.


it is remembering that winter my brother rolled the biggest snow ball I had ever seen down this same hill.

it’s each of us helping out to top that record!

it’s “take a picture with me momma… and lemme see us”

it’s brothers seeing a sister push with all her might and them rushing back up the hill to help her

it’s boys having a father who joins them in laughing till everyone is out of breath as they push that last snow ball to meet the others

it’s us realizing that Zim’s blue glove was rolled right off his hand and into that big one..and we didn’t know because he was laughing so hard..

He knew we would be right here… running and laughing down this pasture hill on a work day… on a school day…


He knew we would all be together…

He dropped this all on us….

so with smiles and babies and love and snowflakes swirling about…

we roll them up together…. a bajillion tiny flakes… a bajillion moments… and one blue glove that we wont see till spring…

all because He loves us…

all …

so we could see what He sees…

so we could see how He loves us… with a bajillion tiny things that He sends down to us…

So we could see this beautiful life…these beautiful lives.


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  1. Donna Beaver permalink
    February 10, 2014 11:08 am

    Your family is beautiful, so are your stories… Love and Blessings, Donna

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