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snowed in.

February 14, 2014

What a fun storm.  So sweet and peaceful the flakes fell.  I put two pots on the stove… one of hot cocoa and one of a beef soup.  So we stoked the fires and shoveled paths.  Mittens , scarves and socks draped about in front of the fireplaces…followed by knitters and readers.    In an assembly line of 7 out of 8 kids we got out all the NYGuitar shirts… notice the 8 arrows… ahem, my idea.

I am continuing to work at the spinning wheel as I have time.  Slowly but surely I am getting the knack… albeit not consistently.  I feel like I get going and the next thing I know I get way to much twist in it and then I just want to shove it all through…. any spinners out there that could help me?  I do love how my kids gather round me and prattle on about this and that…. and I do believe they like having me captured …tethered right to one spot.  It’s a lovely exchange… they distract me with their stories and then I am less prone to over thinking my spinning… which does help….But still that twisty mess I can’t seem to predict.



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